Apple vs. Epic Games Heats in Europe: Third-Party App Store Blocked?

The ongoing saga between Apple and Epic Games takes a new turn in Europe. Just as a new EU law requiring fairer app store practices came into effect, Apple blocked Epic Games’ attempt to launch its app store for iPhones and iPads in the European Union.

This move intensifies the legal battle between the two companies, which began in 2020. Epic vehemently opposes Apple’s charging app developers a hefty commission (up to 30%) on in-app purchases. They argue this stifles competition and unfairly inflates prices for consumers.

Epic saw an opportunity in the EU’s new Digital Markets Act (DMA). This law mandates that tech giants like Apple allow alternative app stores on their devices. Epic swiftly created a developer account in Sweden and aimed to bring their Epic Games Store to iOS in Europe.

Apple, however, wasn’t ready to play ball. They terminated Epic’s Swedish developer account, citing a history of contract breaches during the ongoing legal dispute. Apple claims Epic is “verifiably untrustworthy” due to their past actions. On the other hand, Epic views this as retaliation for speaking out against Apple’s practices and attempting to leverage the DMA.

The situation has regulators taking notice. The European Commission has requested clarification from Apple regarding their decision. Did they genuinely block Epic due to past transgressions, or is this a way to stifle competition in the app store landscape?

This incident has significant implications. If Apple is found to be deliberately hindering a competitor under the guise of enforcing contracts, it could violate the DMA. This law holds significant weight, potentially forcing Apple to loosen its grip on app distribution on iPhones and iPads.

This battle could lead to more choices, lower app prices, and increased in-app purchases by consumers. However, it could also introduce security concerns if alternative app stores lack the same scrutiny Apple implements.

The situation remains unresolved. The EU’s investigation into Apple’s actions and the ongoing legal battle between Apple and Epic will determine how this unfolds. One thing is sure – the fight for a more open and competitive app store ecosystem in Europe has just begun.

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