Costly Skincare Mistake Behind Your Puffy Eyes

Waking up to the sight of puffy eyes can be frustrating to just about any beauty enthusiast. After all, it has the potential to negatively impact your confidence levels. Well, it turns out your skincare routine might be to blame. Actually, it could be the very anti puffiness products you’re applying to your under-eye in the hope of improving things. 

While we all deem it a good idea to keep the skin around the eyes as hydrated as possible in an attempt to stave off fine lines and wrinkles, you’d be surprised to learn that overloading on moisturizer could eventually result in unwanted puffiness.

If you’re into the habit of applying your daily moisturize or night cream around your eye area also, it be me the ideal time to rethink how you do thinks. After all, the heavier facial formula risks overloading the sensitive under-eye area, leading to puffiness.

It is worth noting that the delicate skin around our eyes can only absorb so much product. Once it has absorbed all it can, the remaining product simply sits on the surface of your skin and with every blink, the lashes move the product closer the eye. This, in turn, leads to irritation, congestion, worsened lymphatic drainage and water retention.

Rather that watching as this happens, you should take it upon yourself to invest in the best depuff product for your eyes. Fortunately, that’s the last thing you will worry about while counting on Susenji Singapore. As a quick reminder, this is one of the leading beauty brands in Singapore at the moment.

And to solve your puffy eyes issue, then now have with them the popular Susenji Depuff, your all-natural solution for post-meal puffiness. 100% plant-based and suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women, this product helps activate cell detoxification and flushes out excess salt and water retention.

The best part is that it allows for the improvement of body shape and promotes body fat reduction. That’s not to mean you should purchase this depuff from just about any Susenji Distributor in Singapore. As with Susenji Mofa, Susenji Ollie, or Susenji Sculpt, always ensure you buy it from a reputable dealer.

And a good way to go about this is by checking out Susenji Official website. Here, you can rest in knowing that you’re paying for authentic Susenji Depuff, or any other product for that matter without putting additional strain on your wallet.

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