Fake Tim Cook Account on Instagram Deleted After Being Followed by Apple Executives

The world of social media isn’t always free of fake accounts attempting to impersonate celebrities, politicians, and company executives. In a recent case, Instagram has successfully removed a fake account of Apple CEO Tim Cook, followed by senior VPs like Lisa Jackson (Apple’s VP for Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives) and Alan Dye (Human Interface Design).

According to 9to5Mac, the fake account opened in July 2023 and posted authentic content. The first post was published on August 20, commemorating World Photography Day, with two captivating photos captured using an iPhone. Another post was published on August 23, a 30-second ad in partnership with 3DPets featuring the iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera and LiDAR technology.

While the account gained a substantial following, including prominent figures within Apple’s leadership, it was eventually exposed as fraudulent. After being notified, Instagram confirmed the account’s authenticity, and the fraudulent account has since been deleted. Nevertheless, the incident highlights the need for verified marks on social media platforms independent of premium accounts.

While some Apple employees have an active presence on various social networks, including TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram, Tim Cook has been known to maintain a limited social media footprint. He recently expressed concerns about the adverse effects of mindless scrolling on mental health.

This conservative approach to social media has prompted some to speculate that the CEO plans on leaving Twitter in favor of Apple’s upcoming platform, dubbed X. However, Cook has been quick to dismiss such rumors as unfounded. In any event, it’s worth noting that even though other Apple executives have Instagram accounts, the CEO still utilizes Twitter for his official company communications and doesn’t use the new Threads feature introduced by Meta last month.

It’s unclear why Cook’s name was used in this scam, but the fact that it garnered so many followers should have raised suspicions. Hopefully, this incident will encourage people to take the time to research celebrity accounts before following them.

Despite the buzz it created, it’s also worth noting that Cook has been using only Twitter (now X) since 2013. Similarly, other senior Apple executives have an active presence on various social media platforms but continue to utilize their official Apple accounts on X. Apple Fellow Phil Schiller, for example, recently joined both Instagram and Threads but remains active on X. Nevertheless, it’s clear that Instagram is working to crack down on spammy accounts to ensure the safety of its community. The company’s success is a testament to its commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all its users, regardless of their demographic or location.

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