How to Avoid Fake HVAC Reviews

Finding the ideal HVAC company to leverage is no longer stressful as was the case a couple of years back. Now more than ever, you can take advantage of what the AHRI directory to make this all-important hiring decision. If you don’t find it appealing, then you can opt for HVAC reviews.

Actually, reviews of AC companies are among the most prevalent form of reference relied upon by those who want professional HVAC services. Online reviews are vital for vetting businesses based on consumer-shared information regarding the companies’ products and/or services.

But you need to be wary of fake reviews as they are designed to convince you into working with a prospective AC company. Below are some of the ways to avoid fake HVAC reviews.

Inspect the Review Date

Inexperienced service providers may sometimes have only a handful of reviews to show of it. In the event that you notice all of those reviews were posted either on the same day or within a few days of each other, there is reason to panic. Even well-established AC companies may use this tactic to increase their customer base.

Find HVAC Service Details

When it comes to online reviews touching on AC companies, the devil is in the details, or lack thereof. When a genuine customer submit a review regarding an AC installation performed in their home, the reviewer will most likely offer details about their experience.

Most companies will mention the name of the individual who serviced their HVAC unit. Authentic reviews might also include details pertaining to the issues they experienced with their system and what the technicians did to remediate the problems. These details make up for genuine and personal experiences, and are quite difficult to fabricate.

Remember that untrustworthy HVAC companies are fond of authoring a portion of their reviews or enlist their colleagues and friends to submit positive testimonials. Be wary of such HVAC companies since they are only out to dupe unsuspecting customers. You can always turn to the AHRI directory when having doubts regarding a given HVAC servicing company.

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