How to Choose the Ideal Bike Lock

Regardless of the type or model of bike you purchase, rest in knowing it can be broken. However, a sturdy bicycle lock and savvy locking strategy has the potential to immensely reduce the risk of your bike being singled out by thieves.

That’s not to say you should go about buying a bicycle lock for the sheer sake. You want to be sure it is the ideal fit and it can only happen if you do your homework. In this simple examine some of the things to consider the next time you decide to invest in abicycle lock.

Type of Bicycle Lock

There are different types of bicycle locks on the market to choose from. Getting accustomed to these locks is a surefire way to ensure you purchase the ideal one for your needs. Among the most notable ones include U-locks, Cable Locks and Chain locks, to name a few. It is in your best interest to factor in the pros and cons of each.

In a nutshell, u-locks helps reduce the amount of space in which a thief can insert a crowbar and leverage enough oomph to pop it apart. Keep in mind u-locks come in varying sizes. Your aim is to size the lock so that it goes around the things you’re locking with as little gap left as possible.

Bike Lock Keys and Combinations

Keyed locks use either flat keys or cylindrical keys. It is worth mentioning cylindrical keys have had a bad reputation in the past years when it was discovered some locks of this style could be picked by a ballpoint pen. Newer models have solved this issue so now either style is equally effective.

Combination locks are ideal because you don’t have to remember to carry a key with you or worry about losing levels. However, you must remember the 4-digit code to leverage this lock to your advantage.

The above are merely some of the important things to keep in mind the next time you want to purchase the ideal lock for your bicycle. Take it upon yourself to do your homework and examine what different types of bicycle locks offer users before settling on one.

It is only then that you stand a better chance of making an informed purchase decision. So, what is keeping you from finding the ideal bicycle lock to buy?


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