Leading the Way in PlayStation Plus November 2023: Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen and Teardown

The critically acclaimed action RPG Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen and Teardown Lead PlayStation Plus November 2023

PlayStation Plus announced its lineup of new titles hitting the PlayStation Plus Extra and Deluxe/ Premium game catalog starting today (November 21). Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, a cult-classic hack and slash from Capcom, will be available to all higher-tier PS Plus members. The first PlayStation Plus release of the month is a remake of the classic action RPG Dragons Dogma, retitled Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen and featuring additional content from the Dark Arisen expansion.

Players can experience the vast world of Gransys in all-new 1080p HD graphics. The game offers a rewarding action combat experience in a living world with nine vocations and three AI companions known as Pawns. These Pawns fight independently, demonstrating prowess and ability based on traits learned from each player. Players can share their Pawns online, allowing others to borrow their skills to defeat deadly foes in a dynamically changing battlefield.

The Arisen is a hero on a quest for redemption and purpose. Their heart gets ripped out by a dragon early on, marking them as a warrior destined to face the mythical creature and unravel answers to a sinister conspiracy. Along the way, they enlist the aid of Mercedes Marten, a soldier sent from a neighboring nation to support Gransys’s Duke Edmun Dragonsbane against a hostile nation called Salvation. Together, the Arisen and Mercedes escort a Hydra head to the Duke’s capital, investigate an underground tower dubbed the Everfall, and confront Elysion, the leader of Salvation.

In the massive open world, gamers can customize their character to suit their fighting style through various weapons, armor, and pawns. They can also explore a vast underground realm with terrifying monsters and other creatures. The dynamic combat experience includes nine vocations with an extensive range of skill and magick options, customizable armor that can be enhanced and augmented, and Pawn companions that can be trained to fit the player’s fighting style.

The Arisen can use the pawns to explore an expansive landscape, battle fabled creatures, and complete challenging quests. The pawns can be shared with friends, offering a social element and allowing players to explore a living world with fellow adventurers.

Families can talk about the violence in the game, including dismemberment and other gore. Is the gore necessary to tell the story? How does the violence impact the player’s character?

Parents can check out the Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen and Teardown parental guides for further guidance. Teardown, a heist game developed by Tuxedo Labs, made a splash when it debuted on PC in 2020 with its innovative voxel-based game engine’s spectacularly destructible physics. It will be an excellent addition to the PlayStation Plus catalog, including several great titles from other developers. See the complete list of PlayStation Plus releases here. The PlayStation Plus Extra and Deluxe/ Premium game catalog will expand again next week with three additional games. Sony announced earlier this week that Disney’s Buzz Lightyear of Star Command and Thrillville are joining the lineup on November 28.

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