Marinating Tips to Pack Your Grilled Meat with Flavor

Most people regard backyard barbecues to be sacred. Actually, it can never be summer without one. They are the unfussy sort of gathering that count on delicious meat, or in some cases meat subs, easy side salads, fresh cut fruit, and, of course, good weather. And there is nothing wrong with following the traditional meat route.

The catch lies in investing in a marinating kit that allows you to marinate meat in it’s own packaging, seal in marinades after injection, eliminate open meat packaging, and use less marinade. Moreover, they allow for better utilization of marinades and eliminate messy bucket brining.

In most cases, the perfect marinating kit includes a meat injector syringe and the best meat injector gun among other accessories. Having said that, here is how you can use marinade to become the ultimate grill master.

Understand the Marinade Basics

Merely because you have the best meat injector gun, it doesn’t necessarily imply you will use it proficiently. No wonder the first step entails mastering the fundamentals of any good marinade. In a nutshell, your marinade needs to include an acid to help infuse flavor and tenderize the meat.

Also you need a fat such as olive oil to keep meat moist and bind ingredients together, and seasoning to add said flavor. This is regardless of whether you choose to go with something simple that highlights the meat flavor or if you want to kick it up a notch. The choice is entirely up to you.

Feel Free to Experiment

Once you have nailed the basics down, it is time to let your taste buds guide you. Try adding buttermilk or yogurt as the fat for really tender meat. Cook wine, leave it aside to cool and then add it to your marinade for a classic coq au vin flavor.

You can also try a sriracha marinade, or, for a more concentrated flavor, reduce your marinade on the stovetop and let it cool off before applying it to your meat. An important point to note is that sugary marinades can sometimes become bitter, especially if boiled too long and acidic marinades will become tarter as they cook down.

Pair Your Marinade to Your Meat

Most people tend to think pairing is just for wine. However, there is more to the perfect marinade pairing than meets the eye. Bear in mind the right marinade makes your meat shine. When marinating fattier cuts, be sure to go with simple marinades that will aid juicy fat from the steak.

For those who prefer lean cuts of meat, your marinade or rub compensates for the lack of fat and give you a nice even flavor you can work with. You should consider adding more complex flavors sesame-pear to a lean cut of meat. Other meats like chicken thighs or pork shoulder would work well with complex flavors or even dry rubs.

We hope that the above marinating tips to pack your grilled meat with flavor will help ensure you satisfy your tastebuds.

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