OnePlus Unveils OxygenOS 14: Here’s What to Expect

OnePlus is now rolling out OxygenOS 14 Open Beta 2 to select handsets. The update is based on Android 14, and the Chinese phone maker will be adding its new software platform called Trinity Engine to improve multi-tasking, performance, and overall experience. OnePlus claims that the Trinity engine will deliver versatile speed and smoothness in all scenarios, including intensive mobile gaming and long-term usage.

The company has detailed some of the key new features that the new OS will bring to its OnePlus devices. These include an improved Security Center with a new unified interface, improved photo and video permission management for better security, and more. The update will also introduce Auto Pixelate, which OnePlus says will automatically pixelate sensitive images, personal details, and credit card numbers to protect privacy. Additionally, OnePlus will introduce Strong Box, which uses a built-in chip to encrypt passwords for improved security. It will also add a carbon tracking AOD mode that visualizes the amount of carbon emissions you avoid by walking instead of driving.

It will also offer a new Quick Launch feature that lets you launch apps with a single swipe. The UI for this feature has been improved, and the app drawer will now have an icon for each of your installed applications. The ringtone and notification sounds have been refreshed, and the water-themed Aquamorphic UI has been updated with three Earth-related AOD modes and natural, gentle, and clearer colors.

According to the company, OnePlus’ latest OS build will also bring a number of bug fixes and stability improvements. However, the company has warned that as with any beta release, this version may have bugs and issues that you should not use on your primary device. Those looking to try out the update can do so by applying for the beta program. OnePlus will be accepting applications until the quota of 5,000 testers is reached.

OnePlus has also announced that it will be updating its OnePlus Pad 2023 tablet with the latest version of OxygenOS. The tablet will be among the first non-Google Pixel tablets to receive the Android 14 update, beating other rivals like Samsung and Realme.

As for the Pixel line, Google is expected to launch the Pixel 8 series of smartphones at a Made by Google event on October 4, and it should then begin rolling out the updated Android version for those devices as well.

OnePlus has already rolled out the Android 13-based OxygenOS to its eligible smartphones this year, making it one of the fastest phone makers in the world to get the software updated after a major Android revision. The OnePlus 10 Pro was the first non-Pixel smartphone to get this update, and it recently received the first official beta for the new Android 14. This means that other OnePlus models will likely be getting it in the coming weeks. More information about the new version of OxygenOS will be available at that event.

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