Pad Pro 2024: New Magic Keyboard Makes It Look Like a MacBook

The iPad Pro may need help avoiding direct comparisons to MacBook laptops. That might become even harder if Apple upgrades the tablet’s keyboard accessory with a larger trackpad. According to a new report by notable Apple analyst Mark Gurman, the next-gen iPad Pro will likely launch early next year and look much more like a Mac. The keyboard, a separate purchase for most iPad Pro buyers, will now incorporate aluminum for a more MacBook-like appearance. Gurman notes that the new model will also offer a larger trackpad that could make it easier for users to navigate their favorite Mac apps.

The rest of the iPad Pro will remain familiar, with a flat aluminum design and a choice between 11- and 12.9-inch screen sizes. The smaller version sticks with LCD panels, while the larger one uses mini-LED. Both use the same quad-speaker system and USB-C ports as before. The bigger model, including an Apple Pencil, can now support a full-blown version of Final Cut Pro.

But the Magic Keyboard accessory will likely be the most intriguing upgrade here. It will now be made of aluminum rather than polyurethane for a more premium look and include a larger trackpad to accommodate more extensive hands. It will continue to offer a single USB-C port for charging and data, but the overall layout should be more Mac-like. It will include a sleep/wake button along the top edge, two buttons on the right side to raise or lower the volume, and a nano-SIM slot on cellular iPad Pro models.

Unlike the current model, which is a pain to carry around and can easily be bent or twisted by weight, the new keyboard will be significantly lighter and more compact. It is also rumored to come with a magnetic power cable that connects directly to the iPad Pro without needing an external hub. That cable will have a small port for data that can be used with other USB-C accessories, like a dongle for connecting an audio interface or MIDI keyboard.

The new iPad Pro should be the first to offer the latest 3nm M-series chip, improving performance and efficiency. The new chip will be able to handle desktop-class applications and deliver faster graphics rendering. It will also support a new Stage Manager feature that simplifies multitasking with floating windows or separate desktops. Apple will also introduce Reference Mode, which is intended to help users with color-correction tools.

A few other details about the tablet have also been spotted. Apple will switch to OLED displays on smaller and larger models, although it might stick with LCD panels for the 11-inch version for cost reasons. It is also reportedly going to introduce a hybrid OLED technology, which would combine rigid and flexible panel materials, on some future models, according to a report by The Elec.

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