PS5 DualSense Gets Game-Changing 12-Hour Battery Boost

Sony might launch an updated version of its PS5 DualSense controller to address one of the system’s most significant flaws. Those sick and tired of finding their controllers dead in the middle of a gaming session would be happy to hear that the new model does not come with an expiration date but instead promises to deliver a lot more battery life than the existing one.

This is according to a now-deleted listing on the Canadian Best Buy store that Resetera spotted. Titled the ‘PlayStation 5 V2 DualSense Wireless Controller,’ this PlayStation gamepad does appear normal on the surface but comes with an ‘exceptional 12-hour battery life’ at maximum charge. That is a massive upgrade from the standard DualSense controller, which typically only offers 7-8 hours of juice, even when playing games that take full advantage of the system’s impressive haptic feedback features.

The exact reason for the new V2’s longer battery life is unclear. Still, Sony could have essentially doubled the capacity of the 1560mAh unit inside the original DualSense controller or made some other tweaks that do not impact performance. Nevertheless, the extra battery power will be welcomed by gamers who have long complained about the short battery life of the DualSense controllers, particularly in light of how some Xbox controllers can hold a charge for far longer.

Sony did revamp its DualSense controllers slightly back in 2022, introducing thicker analog magnet strips and stronger trigger springs to reduce wear and tear on the internals. However, it did not include those improvements in the white DualSense controller currently on the market, so the new V2 model would need to offer more than just better battery life if it wants to stand out from its competition.

Another thing to note is that the ‘V2’ controller will also come with a charging station that can simultaneously charge two controllers. That is a nice touch, as the existing one can only charge a single DualSense controller simultaneously. The ‘V2’ will retail for CAD 89.99, more than the standard DualSense controller at $74.99.

Sony has yet to confirm a release date for the PlayStation 5 V2 DualSense controller. But given that the company didn’t mention it during its CES 2024 presentation, we can expect to see the updated controller launch sometime this year.

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