Samsung’s Galaxy Ring to Track Health, Fitness, and More

While smartwatches are still a popular way to track your fitness and health, only some people want something as significant on their wrist. And that’s where intelligent rings come in. They’ve been around for a while and have grown in popularity, with a few significant players, including the Oura Ring 3 and Apple Watch Series 4, leading the charge. But now, Samsung is rumored to be working on its take on the trend, which could debut next year.

According to the Korean tech site The Elec, Samsung has already lined up a Japanese company to produce the circuit boards for its Galaxy Bright Ring. The site also cites a “source” who claims that the Galaxy Ring has reached an advanced stage of development and is currently being tested. It would put Samsung at a slight advantage in the market and allow the company to enter a segment with no direct competition.

The intelligent ring’s claimed abilities include detecting a user’s heart rate via an optical sensor and ECG and PPG sensors, measuring temperature, and estimating blood pressure. The source claims the ring can also control smart home devices and use gestures to take selfies or answer phone calls. If all goes to plan, the device will launch in 2024 and could eventually replace the Galaxy Watch as Samsung’s primary health-tracking product.

If Samsung can make its rumored Galaxy Ring a reality, it will be the first major manufacturer, giving it a significant first-mover advantage in the market. The Soul-based gadget maker will also enter a new wearables category, which could help it carve out a niche away from competitors such as Fitbit and Apple.

According to tipster Ice Universe, the company is likely to unveil the intelligent ring alongside its flagship Galaxy S24 series at its Galaxy Unpacked Event in January next year. The site has taken to the Chinese social media platform Weibo to share the news, though it did not provide any other details about the Galaxy Ring or its features.

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