Spider-Man 2 to Feature Open World Experience with Fast Travel

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 got a new gameplay trailer at the PlayStation State of Play event late Thursday, dropping new details about its exploration, side quests, and new tech. Game director Bryan Intihar kicked things off by comparing the game’s open-world experience to its 2018 prequel, noting how the map has nearly doubled in size, expanding past the East River to include the Queens and Brooklyn boroughs. To compensate for the distance, Spider-Men — Peter Parker and Miles Morales — will have a new ability to travel within those areas quickly.

Insomniac Games’ previous fast travel implementation in its Spider-Man games always required a brief load screen, but players will be able to jump from point to point in the city with near-instantaneous speed this time. Players can easily stumble upon side missions, collectibles, and other activities without pulling up the in-game map.

The system will also help players keep up with their progress by displaying how close they are to finishing a particular activity. This is an excellent way to encourage players to explore every corner of the map without constantly checking their current location in the radial menu.

The new trailer also showcased how the reworked fast travel system works, allowing players to choose any point on the map and instantly travel there. This is a vast improvement over the old system, where you had to choose a specific landmark for each location in the city.

In the new trailer, we see how both Peter and Miles can use the feature during missions to get them closer to a destination faster. The quick swapping between characters is also shown to work much smoother this time, with virtually no loading or break in the action.

Another excellent addition is that the game will display various views of iconic Marvel and Manhattan landmarks on the HUD when Spider-Man uses the fast-travel system. Insomniac says this will add to the sense of discovery and realism, helping players feel connected to New York City as they explore its streets.

The new footage also reveals that the game will allow players to visit different research stations throughout the city, giving them access to various upgrades and abilities for both Spider-Men. These are a great way to increase their stats and build up their arsenal of web-slinging gadgets.

This video also showcased the new symbiote-powered suits that will be available for both Peter and Miles. The symbiote suit will change up their attacks, including how they handle melee combat and ranged weapons. It will also affect how they look, causing them to become more slick and agile.

One notable omission from the trailer was Scott Porter, who voiced Harry Osborn in the first game. However, he will be back in this sequel, as Insomniac announced that he’ll return as the voice of Kraven and Venom.

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