Tecno Phantom V Flip Review: A Great Foldable Phone for Those on a Budget

After making a splash with its clamshell-style foldable V Fold last year, Tecno has returned with another intriguing entry into the segment. The Phantom V Flip does an excellent job of meeting most of the expectations that you would have for a device in this category, with an attractive and premium design, sufficient performance for everyday tasks, a capable set of cameras, and decent battery life.

The phone’s most prominent feature is undoubtedly the circular cover display on its clamshell, which can reply to messages and access quick settings toggles. The screen on this display has a resolution of 466×466 and a 60Hz refresh rate, which is quite respectable for a device in this price range.

When opened up, the clamshell reveals a 6.9-inch flexible AMOLED inner display that can support a resolution of up to 2K. Despite being squinty, the display is still usable in most conditions and offers a peak brightness of 1,000 nits, which makes it reasonably bright even outdoors.

Tecno has also equipped the V Flip with several useful gestures that you can activate via its dedicated app shortcut menu or the intelligent assistant. These include a multi-window mode (although you won’t be able to run any full-sized apps on this display), edge panels, kids mode, an app clone feature, and more. There’s even a gaming mode that enables you to open the app into a foldable-specific interface where you can see your CPU and GPU usage and change a few game-related settings.

For the most part, the V Flip’s dual rear camera setup does an excellent job of taking photos in daylight, offering plenty of detail and good dynamic range. However, it does tend to emulate Samsung’s color profile, which can sometimes result in oversaturated colors.

The selfie performance is also reasonably good, courtesy of sensible and natural beautification features. There’s a decent amount of detail on offer in low-light selfies, too.

While there are better options, the Tecno Phantom V Flip is an intriguing new take on the flip-phone form factor. It’s a great reminder that folding screens have improved considerably over the past few years and that these handsets can now be made much more accessible in terms of pricing.

The V Flip is available from Tecno’s website starting at $599. The phone will come with two years of Android OS updates and three years of security updates. You will also be able to use its Ella GPT 3.0 advanced AI chatbot to get help on various topics.

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