Things You Need to Know about Living and Teaching in Bahrain

Of the different careers Bahrain available to expats, teaching seems to be attracting the attention of many. And there is nothing wrong with that considering teachers easily get employment opportunities in the kingdom. Not to mention the salary is fairly comfortable.

But before relocating to Bahrain and pursuing a teaching career, you need to be sure of what lies ahead. That’s precisely what this blog post will help you uncover today. Below are key things you need to know about living and teaching in Bahrain.

Where to Live

Many schools in Bahrain will offer some kind of accommodation package that could entail the provision of an apartment or an allowance. This tends to vary between schools so it is worth checking precisely what’s on offer before accepting a position.

Keep in mind unmarried couples can’t live together in Bahrain owing to the laws regarding sex outside marriage. Homosexuality is still a controversial issue and although it was legalized in 1976, there are no anti-discrimination laws. For this reason, homosexual couples may find it difficult to find accommodation.

Bahrain Business Hotspots

Bahrain boasts different locations which were conceived with one thing in mind: attracting business. They are usually strategically situated, with excellent infrastructure and transportation connections. Once such location is the Bahrain Financial Harbor, a unique development right in the center of the capital Manama.

The Bahrain International Investment Park is also worth your attention when planning to do business in the kingdom. Situated in close proximity to Bahrain International Airport and the new Khalifa Salman Port, it was built to attract export-oriented businesses.

Of course, we can never forget about The Bahrain Logistics Zone, operated by the General Organization of Sea Ports in Bahrain. It offers organizations various on-site services to facilitate their operations. This includes a company registration office, an efficient custom process, and a wide range of other amenities.

Going with the wide array of careers Bahrain worth leveraging, then is no reason why you should ignore this part of the world when you want to change your life for the better.

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