Tim Cook Unveils India’s First Apple Store In Mumbai

During the opening event, Tim Cook praised Mumbai as “incredible,” adding that it’s “the energy, creativity, and passion of this country.”

Apple BKC (Apple in India) opened its doors today at Ambani’s Jio World Drive Mall in Mumbai. The new store, Apple BKC, is located in the financial capital of India and is spread across 20,000 square feet.

As expected, the store was a massive hit, and hundreds of customers lined up outside to meet the Apple CEO. The store is the first to be launched in India and aims to diversify Apple’s manufacturing base.

The store is said to be the most energy-efficient in the world, operating on 100 percent renewable energy with a dedicated solar array. It also offers Apple Pickup, which allows customers to place an order online and pick it up at the store when it’s most convenient.

After the grand opening, many excited gadget enthusiasts were seen posing with Cook for selfies. But the best part of the whole thing was when a die-hard fan brought his 33-year-old Macintosh Classic machine to the store and presented it to Cook.

A video of the moment has gone viral on social media. The die-hard Apple fan posed with Cook for a selfie, and he was amazed to see the old Macintosh Classic machine in front of him.

Moreover, Cook was very impressed when a Mumbai man arrived at the store with an old Macintosh SE computer launched in 1987.

It was an impressive gesture and a great way to introduce the store to the Indian people. The man wore a yellow cap and black turtleneck, saying that he has been a loyal Apple customer ever since the company was founded by Steve Jobs in 1984.

The Apple CEO was pleased to be at the opening of his first store in India. He thanked the crowd and praised the city for its “incredible energy, creativity, and passion.”

Several celebrities and tech bloggers lined up to visit the store during the event. Among the famous faces were Neha Dhupia and Madhuri Dixit.

Apple wants to expand its footprint in India and diversify its manufacturing base by making some components into iPhones and iPads locally. It also plans to assemble some of the products it sells in India and hopes that this will help revive global revenue growth and boost profit margins.

With the opening of its first store in India, Apple shows that it understands the importance of this market and the opportunity it holds for the company. It targets 1.4 billion consumers in the country to revive its global revenue growth and increase its manufacturing footprint beyond China.

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