WhatsApp Introduces New Features: Keep in Chat and Sticker Maker for iOS

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, has recently rolled out two new features for its users: the “Keep in Chat” feature for disappearing messages and a Sticker Maker tool for iOS.

The “Keep in Chat” feature allows users to keep certain messages in a chat even after the rest of the messages have disappeared. This is useful for important messages that the user may want to refer back to later, even after the automatic disappearing message time limit has passed. To use the feature, users simply need to long-press on a message and select “Keep in Chat.”

The second new feature is the Sticker Maker tool for iOS, which allows users to create custom stickers for their conversations. This tool has already been available for Android users for some time, and now iOS users can join in on the fun. The Sticker Maker tool allows users to create stickers using their own photos or illustrations, making conversations more personal and engaging.

WhatsApp is constantly adding new features to its app to improve the user experience and stay ahead of the competition. The “Keep in Chat” feature and Sticker Maker tool are just two examples of the many updates and features that WhatsApp has introduced in recent months.

These new features are part of WhatsApp’s ongoing efforts to keep up with the changing needs and expectations of its users. With more people relying on messaging apps for communication, it is important for WhatsApp to continue innovating and improving its services.

However, with every new feature comes potential privacy and security concerns. WhatsApp has faced criticism in the past for its privacy policies, and it is important for users to be aware of these issues and take appropriate steps to protect their personal information.

In conclusion, the “Keep in Chat” feature and Sticker Maker tool are two welcome additions to the WhatsApp app. These new features demonstrate the company’s commitment to improving the user experience and staying ahead of the competition. However, it is important for users to be aware of the potential privacy and security concerns associated with using messaging apps, and to take steps to protect their personal information.

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