BGMI Preload Begin For Android Users – Gameplay Starts May 29

The gamers can rejoice as the BGMI finally returns to the app stores. The Battlegrounds Mobile India, which Krafton has developed, can now be preloaded by all Android users starting today, May 27. However, users will only be able to play the game from May 29 onwards, as servers will go live then.

The government has given a green signal to the re-release of BGMI after ensuring that it follows several requirements, including server location and data security regulations. Moreover, the company has also implemented various measures to prevent addiction and murders among players. This includes removing the red color from blood and replacing it with a blue one to indicate that the player is greedy or mad.

Moreover, a three-month trial period has been imposed on BGMI, allowing the authorities to monitor it and ensure it doesn’t violate any set regulations. Krafton has made various changes to satisfy the Indian government, including a ban on playing time and changing the color of blood to blue.

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In a press release, the company has assured that they have taken all steps to comply with the Indian government’s guidelines. However, the company must follow these rules, as it could face another ban if it does not.

Despite the ban, the company has continued to work on fixing the issues that led to its removal from the app stores. The new update will bring in a new map and exciting in-game events, likely keeping gamers engaged for hours. It will also provide more weapons and vehicles, which is a great addition.

According to the company, BGMI has already registered 100 million users within a year of its launch. In addition, they have launched a marketing campaign called ‘India Ki Heartbeat’ to showcase gamers who deeply connect with BGMI and consider it more than just a game.

It should be noted that the preload option is currently not available for iOS users as Apple has banned the PUBG Mobile game in India. However, the company has informed that the iOS version of the game will be made available after the ban is lifted. Users can keep checking the official website for updates regarding when BGMI will be available in the App Store. For more news on eSports, follow us on Twitter! The post-BGMI preload begins for Android users; gameplay starts May 29 and appears first on Digital Trends.

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