Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Quick Review

Samsung has finally unveiled its much-anticipated Galaxy Z Fold 5 at the Galaxy Unpacked event. While some may have hoped for radical changes, the Z Fold 5 proudly embraces its legacy. Instead of significant design overhauls, the Z Fold 5 smartly builds upon the strengths of its predecessor, the Z Fold 4.

For starters, it’s a lot slimmer. Samsung claims the new foldable is 30% thinner and lighter than the previous model. And the handset indeed feels more pocketable than its predecessor, though I still need to figure out if it would fit comfortably in my jeans.

Its redesigned hinge also minimizes the sharp crease, which was noticeable in the previous model. That said, it must still be more clearly visible and wholly seamless when viewed from the side. It’s undoubtedly a significant improvement, however. And the crease isn’t as deep this time, which should further reduce the chances of it picking up scratches over time.

In addition, the 3.4-inch cover screen now has rewind and fast-forward buttons and a customizable toolbar for things like trackpad control. And Samsung has tweaked the software so that it’s easier to multitask when the phone is folded flat.

And, of course, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 is still compatible with Samsung’s S pen and offers a full suite of productivity features in the GoodNotes app. You can take handwritten notes, annotate PDFs and even create shopping lists. There’s also a handy new function that lets you keep three apps open simultaneously. You can also link the Galaxy Z Fold 5 to a monitor using Samsung DeX and use it as a desktop if you’d prefer.

Samsung’s 108MP rear camera performs just as well as the one found in last year’s Galaxy Fold, and it’s worth noting that the handset also offers HDR video recording. As with the Pixel Fold, it does suffer from oversaturation in blues and greens, but that’s always been Samsung’s way.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Made for Galaxy processor still beats inside the Z Fold 5. And it’s more than capable of handling day-to-day tasks and heavier video editing. It’s the power that should easily stand up to long periods of use, although I’d recommend avoiding anything too demanding.

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 is available to pre-order now from the Samsung website and most of its network partners. It will be released on August 11. Prices start at $1,799 for the Icy Blue version and rise to $1,999 for the Phantom Black model.

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