The Key Benefits of a Full Frame Camera

If you’ve done a bit of research here and there, then you already know that all digital cameras have one thing in common: a digital imaging sensor. But it is worth noting that not all sensors are the same. When it comes to Canon EOS DSLR cameras, there are two main image sensor sizes i.e., the APS-C sensors and the Full Frame sensor.

In a nutshell, a full frame camera comes with imaging sensors which is equivalent to traditional 35mm film size. Full frame sensors are most often featured in Canon’s Professional Series cameras, while APS-C sensors are smaller in size and are most often found in entry to mid-level models.

Having said that, this blog post takes you through the top benefits of investing in a full frame camera.

No ‘Crop’ In Your Field of View

If you decide to use the same lens on these two different sensors you will end up with what appears to be a zoomed in image on the APS-C camera, and a wider field of view on the full frame camera. And this is easy to see since the APS-C sensor is physically smaller than a Full Frame sensor which results in cropping part of the image that comes through the lens.

Better Bokeh

For most people, the biggest difference between Full Frame and APS-C cameras, and a largely why people jump to Full Frame, is their sheer ability to create beautiful, soft, blurred backgrounds. This will work to your advantage when shooting portraits, guiding your eye to the main subject when everything is sharp and the background is a creamy blur.

The increase in bokeh quality emanates from the need to use longer focal lengths on a full frame camera to get the equivalent focal length as an APS-C sensor camera. Going with how optical systems work, a longer focal length results in a shallower depth of field. The shallower your depth of field, the better you brokeh will be.

In Conclusion

A lot more goes into using a full frame camera than what is merely included in this quick guide. From low light performance and better bokeh to more features on Full frame cameras, you can never regret your decision after making this all-important purchase decision. The good news is you can now purchase a full frame camera online without moving a muscle.


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