Valve’s Next Game Might Be a Hero Shooter Named Deadlock

After a long wait of over four years since their last title, Valve is gearing up for a new game release. Leaks suggest this upcoming project is a 6v6 hero shooter called Deadlock. The information comes from a combination of sources, including prominent Valve news insider Gabe Follower on Twitter.

Based on the leaks, Deadlock will be a third-person hero shooter with a heavy emphasis on team-based combat. Players will clash in 6v6 battles on expansive maps featuring the classic 4-lane layout familiar from Valve’s previous titles like Counter-Strike. The core gameplay is said to blend elements from various successful titles, drawing inspiration from Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, Overwatch, and even tower defense mechanics. Some reports even claim Deadlock started development under the name Neon Prime with a sci-fi setting before undergoing a significant shift to its current fantasy with a steampunk aesthetic.

The leaks have sparked mixed reactions from the gaming community. While some are excited by the prospect of a new Valve title, particularly one that returns to the team-based shooter genre the company is known for, others have expressed concerns. The hero shooter market is already quite saturated, and critics worry that Deadlock might need to bring more innovation to stand out. Additionally, the leaked screenshots have yet to generate universally positive responses. Some find the art style derivative, drawing comparisons to the failed hero shooter Battleborn. Disappointment from fans hoping for a long-awaited sequel, particularly Team Fortress 3, is also a prevalent sentiment.

However, it’s essential to consider the context of these leaks. The leaked information paints a picture of a game in its early stages, and out-of-context screenshots from an unfinished product can be misleading. Valve is known for its meticulous development process, and Deadlock could evolve significantly before release. Additionally, the hero shooter genre, while established, is still open to fresh takes—Valve’s unique blend of mechanics and well-designed characters could set Deadlock apart.

Whether Deadlock lives up to the hype or falls flat remains to be seen; with an official announcement reportedly imminent, fans can find out more quickly. If the leaks are accurate, Deadlock has the potential to be a significant addition to the hero shooter genre, leveraging Valve’s pedigree in crafting engaging and strategic online experiences. However, it also faces the challenge of innovation and establishing its own identity in a crowded market.

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