What to Expect in Addiction Treatment

Addiction isn’t something that happens overnight. It is a gradual progression, and so is addiction treatment and recovery process. In recognizing addiction as a chronic disease and recovery as a new way of living, most treatment facilities ensure their programs are individualized, collaborative, and occur over the long term through a continuum of care and support.

But before commencing your addiction recovery journey, it always pays off to prepare for what lies ahead. And that’s precisely what this quick guide will help you uncover today. Below are a few things to expect in addiction treatment.

Detox and Withdrawal

Since heavy and sustained alcohol or other drug use takes significant toll on physical and emotional health, a detox period might be mandatory before you can benefit from rehab. When admitted to an inpatient rehab program, your care will commence with a 24-hour medically supervised detoxification period.

Assessment and Evaluations

When you first arrive at a reputable addiction treatment facility, you will meet a clinician to review and discuss your physical and mental health, family history, types of substances used, and other variables related to the disease of addiction. Understanding all aspects of your health and wellbeing helps us develop the best possible rehab plan for you.


Addiction treatment programs have its own culture and community. A reliable treatment program should help you get oriented right from the start by introducing you to basic addiction treatment concepts and goals. Some of the most notable ones include the disease model of addiction, Twelve Step recovery principles, and the importance of post-rehab recovery management.

Length of Addiction Rehab

Throughout addiction treatment, a primary counselor will work with you to identify your goals and guide your care. The length and pace of treatment will be based on your specific situation and clinical milestones. If you’re making do with more complex recovery issues, your drug and alcohol treatment may recommend more time to address relapse prevention, sober living skills, and mental health complications.

Ensure you do your homework before you finally decide to commence an addiction treatment program near you.

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