iOS 17 Update Brings Solution to Long-Standing Screen Burn-In Issue

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Apple’s first significant iOS 17 update is expected to arrive next week. The iPhone maker has rolled out the release candidate for the update to beta testers ahead of its release. Along with new features, the update is expected to introduce fixes for two issues that were present on iOS 17 and are affecting customers. An image retention bug that affected some iPhone models has reportedly been resolved, while the default iOS keyboard will also be much snappier after the update is installed.

The update has a variety of other tweaks and improvements. Apple Music is now adding a section for recommended tracks below your playlists, while Dynamic Island on the iPhone 15 series will now use a black background instead of the blurred wallpaper. The Messages app now offers the ability to search for older messages, too. In addition, a bug that prevented the display settings from reverting to the factory defaults has been fixed.

Screen burn-in is a problem that can happen when static images or elements remain on display for long periods, causing certain pixels to degrade over time. The issue is often found on CRT monitors, but it can also affect OLED displays. The problem reportedly plagues the iPhone 15 Pro Max, and the iOS 17.1 update is expected to include a fix.

Some iPhone 15 Pro Max users have reported that the phone has a screen burn-in problem. The latest version of iOS includes a fix for the problem, allowing the display to return to its original settings after prolonged usage. The problem has been a concern for some users who have bought the device, especially since it is the most expensive model in the iPhone lineup.

Other features coming with the iOS 17.1 update include a new Double Tap gesture that will allow Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 owners to interact with the display without touching it. The feature will come in handy when touching the display is not feasible or convenient. iOS 17.1 is also introducing the ability to send files over AirDrop over the internet, support for bank balances in Apple Wallet for UK users, more options for album art customization and ringtones, better car crash detection on iPhones, a privacy fix for Significant Locations and more.

If you want to participate in the beta testing process for iOS 17.1, you can do so by visiting this page and selecting the option for iOS Developer Beta. Register with the same Apple ID you use for your other Apple services and accounts to avoid confusion between your development access and your personal data. It may take a few moments after registering for the beta to appear in Software Update.

iOS 17 is slated to roll out in just over a week, on October 24. The update will include some lingering bugs and new features, including a more helpful widget for the Home screen and support for Apple’s 2023 TCL SF5 TV.

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