Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses Get a Big Boost: Now Record Videos Up to 3 Minutes Long

They are calling all videography enthusiasts with a sense of style! Meta has released a significant update for its Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, vastly improving their video recording capabilities. With the new software version 6.0, users can now capture videos up to three minutes long, a substantial leap from the previous limit of just 60 seconds. This upgrade makes the Ray-Ban Meta glasses a more compelling option for those who want to capture everyday moments or even create short video content on the go.

Previously, the one-minute recording limit felt restrictive. It meant chopping up more extended events or scrapping footage altogether if it exceeded the time constraint. This was a particular drawback, considering one of the main appeals of the Ray-Ban Meta glasses is their built-in camera. The ability to seamlessly capture snippets of life from your perspective held immense potential, but the short recording time hampered that potential.

The new update addresses this concern in a big way. Three minutes offers a much more generous timeframe for capturing experiences. Imagine using your Ray-Ban Meta glasses to record a quick cooking tutorial, a funny pet interaction, or a breathtaking view while traveling. The extended recording allows for a more complete picture, enhancing the usefulness of the smart glasses for capturing and sharing life’s moments.

It’s worth noting that the update doesn’t automatically extend the recording length. The default setting remains at 60 seconds. However, this can be easily adjusted within the camera section of the companion app. This feature underscores the adaptability of the Ray-Ban Meta glasses, allowing users to control the recording time to suit their specific needs. Whether it’s for quick captures or more in-depth recordings, the choice is in your hands.

While the update brings exciting possibilities for videography, it’s important to consider other aspects of the Ray-Ban Meta glasses’ camera. The video orientation is still locked to vertical, which might not be ideal for all situations. There have not been any reported upgrades to the video resolution or quality. However, the extended recording time opens doors for more creative uses of smart glasses, sparking your imagination and encouraging you to explore new ways to use the product.

Overall, the ability to record 3-minute videos is a welcome addition to the Ray-Ban Meta glasses. It enhances their appeal as a viable option for capturing and sharing everyday moments, creating short video content, or even vlogging. While the camera may not be on par with high-end smartphones, the extended recording time and the stylish design of Ray-Ban frames offer a unique proposition for fashion-conscious tech enthusiasts. It’s a chance to capture the world around you in a technologically advanced and fashion-forward way.

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